Buying and Making Puppets

Buying Puppets

You can find puppets for sale all over the place—at craft shows, garage sales, second hand stores, discount stores, museum gift shops, bookstores, and of course online. Here are a few of my favorite companies that make puppets. Some of them do not sell directly to the public, but their sites will refer you to places where you can buy their puppets.

Folkmanis Puppets
Sunny Puppets
Silly Puppets
Manhattan Toy
Axtell Expressions, Inc.

Making Puppets

There are great patterns available for making puppets if you have lots more time than money. There are many types of puppets, so the kind you make will depend on what you need.

Remember that materials can cost money too, so don’t forget to calculate that aspect when deciding whether to make or buy a puppet. You may also want to consider adapting existing puppets to play various roles by adding clothing, bows, wigs, and so forth.

Project Puppet
Puppeteers of America